Sunfed Boar Free Bacon Omelette

Serves 2

Prep + Cooking - 25 minutes


For the Omelette
• your favourite cooking oil
• 1/2 pack of Sunfed® Boar Free Bacon™ Premium Hickory
• 2 sliced button mushrooms
• Your choice of egg free mix to make two omelettes. This can be found in most health food or gluten free and vegan isles in the supermarket
• 1/2 Red capsicum finely sliced

For Herb Oil
• 2 TBS cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
• A handful of fresh green mixed herbs, finely chopped such as basil, parsley, coriander, and thyme.

To garnish
• Grated dairy free cheese, or nutritional Yeast


1. Fry the mushrooms until golden, set aside.
2. Heat your favourite cooking oil in a pan to medium high heat. Add in Sunfed® Boar Free Bacon™ and fry for 2 mins turning occasionally until both sides are light brown and starting to crisp. Season if desired.
3. Cook the omelette as per the packet mix instructions, carefully turning once.
4. Transfer the omelette to a plate and place the mushroom and Sunfed® Boar Free Bacon™ along with the capsicum inside. Sprinkle with the dairy free cheese and herb oil to finish.