About us

What is Sunfed?

Sunfed® is a hard-tech manufacturing company shaping the future of food, making a real change to how we produce the proteins we eat. Using our clean, breakthrough technology; built with kiwi ingenuity, we are re-imagining the high protein food system to make meat without the animals. We work hard to make the BEST meat alts in the world; creating real alternatives to the meat industry with food that has the taste, texture, and nutritional value of animal products. Sunfed doesn't compromise when it comes to quality, we refuse to cut corners and take the easy way. Instead, we're doing the hard work necessary to make a better alternative to meat. Creating a brighter future of food isn't easy, but we're up for the challenge. 


Our Story  

Sunfed® was conceived by founder Shama Sukul Lee in 2014 and born in 2015. Shama wanted to make alternatives to meat that were clean, healthy, and most importantly, tasted good. It took a lot of hard work, being a startup from New Zealand trying to change the world, but over the next few years we grew fast, taking on new challenges every step of the way. In 2018, we took a chance and took Sunfed® to Australia, and it worked out pretty great when we saw how much you loved us! 

We're constantly, growing, learning, and changing. Always working hard to improve our products, or bring new ones to your supermarket. We've set our sights pretty high, and aim to bring Sunfed to the whole world.  

Our Products

We aim to enrich all life, every step of the way. That's why we only use sustainable ingredients, and only what we need to give you the best possible products on the market. All of our products are made from natural ingredients, and don't require any GMOs, additives, or preservatives to make them good. We like to keep things simple, clean and nutrient-rich. 

That's why the primary ingredients for all our products are just

  • Regenerative yellow peas
  • Water
  • Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. 

Simple, healthy, and delicious!

If you'd like to know more, you can learn about our ingredients here

We live in a solar powered world.

Plants already use the most powerful energy source in our solar system for food, why can't we?

Packing a pea protein punch!

We distill the high quality, natural proteins already within peas using only water.

Clean lean plant protein.

NUTRIENT DENSE. Naturally packed with Protein, Iron, Zinc and B vitamins!