Australian Sunfedites, can't find us at your local supermarket?

In a rush? Here's a simple guide to how you can help: 

1. Supermarkets need to hear your complaints directly to take action and make high quality healthy and independent options like Sunfed available to you. 

2. We've made a list of contact emails for Australian supermarkets, and links to their feedback forms. You can copy and paste the template below, edit as you wish, and send it off to them to request Sunfed products in your local.

3. Please share this page with your friends and family, and encourage them to do the same. The more requests they get, the more likely Sunfed will be available at your local. 

      Coles email address -
      Coles Customer feedback form 

      Woolworths email address -
      Woolworths feedback form

      IGA email address -
      IGA feedback form

      ALDI Product Request form (choose "compliment", "food", then use the product details below). 

      *For Kiwis
      Countdown -
      New World Supermarkets -

      Why can't I find Sunfed in store? 

      We've been hearing a lot from concerned Australian Sunfedites who can no longer find Sunfed products in-store. Rest assured that all Australian Supermarkets have easy access to Sunfed, but their preference is usually for the lower quality unhealthy options and their own brands.

      But if concerned customers like you demand to have access to better healthier and independent options, they'll take action. 

      To help you, we've created a template that you can email directly to them. You can copy and paste the entire thing from the box above, but if you have the time, it would make a huge difference if you personalised this email, explaining who you are, and why you care about seeing Sunfed in your local store.

      If there's a supermarket we haven't provided the details of that you want to see Sunfed in, please feel free to also reach out to them and let them know. 

      Finally, the form below also helps us greatly. We're currently meeting with these supermarkets to try fix these issues, and it really helps us if we can show them how many people care about Sunfed. Filling out the form let's us show just how many people love our products, giving them hard data on Sunfedites.

      Keep shining ☀️